Welcome to my OFFICIAL WEBSITE !



  • Some people will wonder: Why « Official Website » given it is called Star-Divarius Inc not Manon Feubel? Well … a good question is worthy of a good answer!

    After the sudden and close together deaths of both my parents, it was advised that I take a leave of absence in order « to come to terms » with these momentous losses in my life. Not only did this steeping away help me deal with the consecutive losses, it also offered an opportunity to reflect with a clear conscious about the next chapter of my artistic journey. Consequently, the creative process always having being a part of my musical experience, this new artistic chapter began to unfold naturally, finding « groove and evolution » along that period of maturation.

    Hence, through this introspection and maturity, was born the foundation of my own company, hereby christened with symbolism and humor: « Star-Divarius Inc

    It is a name that allows me to express myself, not only the internal exploration of what music means to me as a whole, but also in the breaking of boundaries of style and genre.

    Through that musical manifestation, and through this website, you are warmly invited to experience the blossoming of innovative voice conferences across the Star-Divarius Conferences by exploring the entire website itself.

    To bring to life this « official journey », checkout some of the most beautiful arias from a rich lyrical, operatic repertoire.


    Your hostess, Manon Feubel

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    Extraits interpreted by Manon FEUBEL